There used to be a time when reputable news organizations published fake news – but only on April Fool’s Day. In 1933, Capital Times reported that the dome had fallen off the Wisconsin statehouse. In 1962, the Swedes made a national television announcement that said its black-and-white broadcasts could be turned into color by viewing them through nylon stockings. Many Swedes fell for the prank. In 1996, Taco Bell placed an advertisement claiming it bought the Liberty Bell to help ease the national debt and a number of senators believed it.

Today, fake news runs rampant every day and not just on April 1. There are fake news websites, fake advertising, and, of course, fake political stories. Click here to watch a fun little video that puts a fresh spin on fake news.

In the automotive industry, many vendors claim their products provide solutions to unhealthy conditions, but such claims only mask the problem. If you want to find an honest, clean, and healthy solution to your vehicle’s interior, we invite you to discover NuVinAir.

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