Most of us have either read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s or seen the movie adaptation. What is notable is that all of the characters have one thing in common – they are deceptive. Their outward appearances glitter with good looks, charm and style, but their interior fabrics are shallow and crumble when pressed.

The same type of deception can be said of some people today who focus only on their exterior selves – their bodies, clothes, homes, and, especially their cars. Some of the biggest deceptions occur as we travel our daily commute.

All of us, at one time or another, have pulled up next to a luxury car with an attractive female driver with perfectly coifed hair, designer sunglasses, and polished nails. Our assumptions immediately tempt us to think she must lead a beautiful life free of stress and clutter unlike other people. But, if you followed that woman to her destination and watched as she exited her car, you might very well find her vehicle, while beautiful on the outside, has some extremely unpleasant interior conditions. To illustrate this point, watch this video.

Don’t be that type of person. Live a life that is clean and healthy – both on the inside and outside.

If you want to maintain a clean and healthy environment inside your car, there is now an innovative product available for making sure you are experiencing a healthy environment. NuVinAir® is a patented technology that cleans your vehicle’s air in minutes and gives you and your passengers that fresh, healthy feeling you just can’t get anywhere else.

Ask your favorite dealership or detailer for NuVinAir today and experience first-hand a new kind of clean. For more about NuVinAir, visit or call 1844-9-VinAir (984-6247)

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