In late August, Seth Blake who was riding from Anaheim to Los Angeles, saw a man sound asleep at the wheel of his Tesla while driving 75 miles per hour on a busy highway. Blake says the man appeared to sleep for about ten minutes, then woke up, looked around, and went back to sleep. While Tesla says their autopilot is only meant for use with fully attentive drivers, who knows if this could become commonplace as autonomous vehicles become perfected in the near future? Below are three other futuristic-sounding car technology that are already being implemented in cars of today:

  1. Augmented Reality Dashboards
    Think of the movie, Terminator where the robot calls up a holographic screen to determine the characteristics and information about a human or an object. That’s what BMW is doing with their windshields to provide drivers with system warnings, directional messages, and even multimedia information. Called the BMW Head-Up Display, it works by using a system of projector and mirrors that project images onto a transparent film on the BMW’s front windshield. 
  2. Energy Storing Car Panels
    Both Volvo and Toyota are testing the use of energy storing body panels using polymer fiber and carbon resin. Such technology can reduce the weight of a vehicle by 15 percent and use solar energy to help fuel the vehicle.
  3. Take Your Doctor with You
    Ford has developed an electrocardiography reader that can monitor your heart through sensors in the seat as well as glucose levels for those with diabetes. People with heart disease and diabetes already monitor their health at home so this technology will allow them to do the same from their vehicle.
    The automotive industry is feverishly reinventing itself to keep pace with technology, so we should not be shocked if we see flying cars, autonomous vehicles, intelligent dashboards, and vehicles that come with emotion adaptive technology in the near future.

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