A Fresh Way to Stay Competitive.

As a dealership, you are always looking for new ways to stay competitive. Some dealerships are partnering with Uber and replacing their service shuttles with Uber Central. Uber Central lets you deliver reliable rides to anyone, even if the rider does not have the Uber app. The benefits to the customer are many, including:

  • No wait times. An average time for an uber car to arrive is five minutes or less.
  • Customers don’t need the app and receive trip details via SMS texts.
  • $1,000,000 insurance coverage for every ride that is arranged.
  • Centralized billing.

Such a situation is a win/win. Your customers who need alternative means of transportation while their car is being maintenance or serviced now have a ride instantly when they need it. Your dealership no longer has to maintain and run costly shuttles or provide expensive loaners.

Now, think about taking it to a new level.

Why not provide one or two uber drivers who come to your dealership regularly with a digital tablet that is positioned on the back of their passenger seat headrest? In exchange for free advertising with looped ads featuring your dealership, you could provide the driver with a free NuVinAir® Restore or Refresh treatment. The customer will appreciate the cleaner, healthier air, the driver will appreciate the high customer satisfaction ratings and repeat business, and your dealership will receive free advertising and the promotion of NuVinAir® to customers.

New to NuVinAir®? Read the following testimonial from a customer in Virginia:

“NuVinAir® took 17 years’ worth of odors – including ‘musty garage smell’ – out of our 2002 Lexus and restored the ‘new car smell’ with just a 15-minute treatment! After trying seemingly every spray and air freshener available, I can’t believe the NuVinAir® solution was this simple!

I also had the NuVinAir® treatment applied to our 2014 Infiniti, which had been garaged and not driven for an extended period of time. The improvement in the air quality inside the car is amazing! NuVinAir® is the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective solution I have found to dramatically improve a vehicle’s air quality and I plan to incorporate NuVinAir® into my vehicle maintenance schedule going forward.”

– William, a satisfied NuVinAir® customer

For more about NuVinAir®, visit nuvinair.com or call 1844-9-VinAir (984-6247)

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