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Getting Creative with Marketing to Increase Foot Traffic

Increasing foot traffic to your dealership is probably one of the most important aspects of selling vehicles. But, how do you get your dealership to be a repeat destination instead of a place to be avoided? The following are five ideas that will keep your customers coming back for more:

  1. Give back to your community.
    A great way to show your support is to take a cue from Bayside Auto Group in Maryland. As their website states, “We believe our relationships are built outside of the dealerships, and we foster those relationships through community activity.” For the past twenty years, United Way of Calvert County hosts a day of giving in the Bethesda community. This past year, Bayside Toyota played host for the kick-off event for that day. Their staff participated in volunteer activities and their dealership served as command central for this worthy philanthropic effort.
    Connect with your local charities and see how your dealership can become involved. Make sure your marketing and social media department knows about the plans so they can create a marketing plan to support your efforts.
  2. Host a vintage car show featuring your dealership’s specific makes (i.e., vintage Fords).
    Everyone loves a car show, so throw open your doors and invite the public to your dealership. Planning should begin months in advance but this type of event is a sure win to draw people to your space.
  3. Get Dog-Friendly.
    With 80 million dogs in the country, it just makes sense to tap into that emotional market. People love their dogs, so offer incentives for dog owners and their pets to come visit. Have a dog costume show every Halloween. Offer dog treats, water bowls, and awards for the best costume. 
    Rochester Toyota in New Hampshire takes their love of dogs to a whole new level. If you visit their website, you will see photos of the owner’s adorable dogs throughout the website. They use the cute and catchy slogan of “No Bones About It” and their marketing brings a smile to prospective customers as they browse.
  4. Get Civic-Minded.
    Community members notice when a business cares about its community and goes the extra mile. Host a highway clean up for each mile in each direction surrounding your dealership. Provide volunteers with trash bags with your logo and give them the proper equipment, such as plastic gloves, etc. Promote it weeks in advance on your website and social media to get the buzz out. After the clean up efforts, host a free breakfast for everyone who participated – and go all out with the breakfast. Make sure you provide bacon, eggs, fresh fruit, biscuits and coffee. The age-old advice still rings true – the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.
  5. Host “how to” classes at your dealership.
    Such how to’s could include how to change your oil, or how to change a flat tire. Be helpful but always emphasize that you are always there to service your vehicle if the process is too complicated or difficult.
    These five strategies help spread the word about your dealership, establish you as a community leader, and boost your reputation in the community. While not directly tied to selling cars, these efforts will get your name out there and help you develop a positive image for your dealership.

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