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Safe, eco-friendly, EPA approved products that eliminate odor, germs, bacteria and pollutants from vehicles in 15 minutes or less. Lose the ineffective and unsafe ozone machines and try something Nu.
Eco-friendly, safe, effective smoke and odor elimination in vehicles

If you are interested in learning more about NuVinAir’s patented, safe, eco-friendly, and EPA-approved odor elimination products, please complete the form or call us:

  • If you are in the greater Houston area or Galveston: Brian Ross (346) 307-4886
  • If you are in the greater San Antonio or greater Austin area: Mike Newman (713) 201-2945
  • All other areas of Texas: (713) 201-2945


NuVinAir Texas provides NuVinAir’s patented, eco-friendly, EPA-approved odor elimination and vehicle cleaning products to any business that can benefit from delivering a healthier, cleaner, odor-free vehicle to their customers without using harsh chemicals and EPA condemned ozone machines. We work with:

  • Auto Dealers and Groups – Increase revenue in the Service Drive, F&I, Drive more efficiency in Reconditioning, sell used cars faster, and improve customer service scores. Also, reduce the risk of delivering an unsafe vehicle interior because your third party detailer or reconditioning company is using unsafe and EPA condemned ozone machines
  • Truck Sales – our products are already being used by several semi-truck companies to remove odor from used trucks before resale. We are also working with several semi-truck washing and detailing companies as well.
  • Rental Car Companies we are fortunate to be working with Avis/Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and Sixt to help them turn vehicles quicker – our odor elimination products work in 15 minutes – and deliver a safer, healthier vehicle to their customers – our products are safe, EPA approved and eco-friendly.
  • Auto Detailers, Car Washes, and Reconditioning Companies – Provide a safer, eco-friendly odor elimination for your customers
  • Fleets and Municipalities – provide cleaner, healthier, odor, germ, bacteria, and virus-free vehicles for your employees. Save time on detailing costs with our 15-minute odor elimination product, NuVinAir ReStore
  • Vehicle Servicing and Auto Repair Companies – add NuVinAir to your service menu and offer quick, safe, and eco-friendly odor elimination services
  • Companies and Universities – extend your employee and student benefits to include discounts on NuVinAir’s odor elimination and Total Health services being provided by a local certified NuVinAir service auto detailer, car wash, or vehicle servicing companies
  • RV Retailers – lose the ozone machines and odor bombs and deliver a safer, healthier used RV to your customer

Our products include:

  • ReStore and ReFresh. Along with the easy-to-use, patented Cyclone Technology Delivery System provides a Nu, more economical way to deodorize a vehicle and restore it to factory setting. Lose the outdated and unsafe Ozone machines and try something Nu.
  • ReNuSurface. The leading eco and vehicle interior-friendly surface cleaner. Cleans all surfaces which allow you to consolidate your vehicle cleaning supply chain.
  • ReKlenz-X. The leading eco-friendly, EPA-approved, non-toxic, vehicle interior friendly disinfectant.

NuVinAir Texas does more than just sell products. Our goal is not to be just another vendor, we want to be your partner.

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