Coverage from Dallas Innovates!: Plano Automotive Startup Patents Car Odor-Elimination Tech, Builds on Marijuana Legalization

December 17, 2018NuVinAir® Blog

NuVinAir® recently received more publicity - this time from Dallas Innovates! Below is a blurb from the article. Click HERE to read the whole story.

"When you purchase a new vehicle, even if it’s pre-owned, you want it to feel like yours. So if the interior lingers of smoke, body odor, or just general funk, it can tend to feel like you’re driving around in a borrowed car. But rather than merely mask the odor, the real solution lies in getting rid of it completely—and that’s where NuVinAir® comes in."

Thanks to Dallas Innovates for the great coverage! Check out our Press page to keep up on Nu in the News!

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