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What is Covered Under the NuVinAir Product Warranty?

Product Design or Manufacturing Defects 

NuVinAir offers replacement of defective Cyclone and Timer Products for one (1) year from the date the Product is purchased. This process covers any defects due to either the design or manufacturing of these Products during the year following purchase. 

NuVinAir will repair or replace at no charge Products, or parts of the Products, that prove defective because  of improper design or manufacture, provided the Products were used and maintained as intended and instructed by NuVinAir during the replacement period. 

Customers shall notify NuVinAir, in writing, of any alleged claim or defect within ninety (90) business days  from the date Customer discovers, or should have discovered, the alleged claim or defect by using the RMA Form  for National Account Customers. To request an RMA Form, please contact NuVinAir will conditionally ship replacement Product(s) to Customer, along with a pre-paid return shipping label, which must  be used to return the allegedly defective Product(s) to NuVinAir. Upon receipt of the replacement Product(s), Customer shall ship the alleged defective Product(s), using the pre-paid return shipping label, to NuVinAir. Any alleged defective Product(s) must be returned within 30 days of submitting the RMA Form. If NuVinAir declines the claim under its Defective Products Policy, a detailed explanation will be provided to Customer, and all charges for the replacement Product(s), as well as the shipping charges for the returned and replacement Product(s) will be charged to Customer. Customer will also be charged the full retail cost for any replaced Product(s), as well as,  all shipping costs related to such Product(s), if the alleged defective Product(s) are not returned to NuVinAir in accordance with its Defective Product Policy. 

In the event NuVinAir determines that any Products sold to Customers may be defective, NuVinAir may request that Customers withdraw all similar Products from use and either return such Products or destroy the  Products. 

What Does the Policy Not Cover? 

The Defective Product Policy does not cover any defect or damage that is caused by: 

  • Abuse, misuse, neglect, or accident, such as dropping, smashing, or running over the Products, or damage due to improper handling, maintenance or storage.
  • The Product being reconstructed, repaired, or altered by persons other than NuVinAir or its authorized representative.
  • Use of any non-NuVinAir branded products in conjunction with the Cyclones.

How Do I Submit a Defective Product Claim? 

To begin a defective product claim, call (844) 984-6247 and select option 2. A customer support representative will walk through troubleshooting the product and determine if repair or replacement is required. We are also here to  assist you at


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