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National Accounts – Visiting with a Purpose

Not only is it important to regularly visit our national accounts, but it’s also essential to visit with a purpose. I have been on countless visits where our treatments were not used due to running out of product or not having a working Cyclone. In some cases, this results in the client using an ozone machine, third-party, another competing product, deodorizers, or worse yet, nothing at all. 

Visiting with a purpose means you have a plan when entering each location:

  • Did you look at the notes from the previous visit?
  • Are you inspecting their equipment and inventory levels?
  • Do you talk to the front lines, such as the detailers, check-in reps, or check-out reps?
  • Do you spot-check cars in the ready-to-rent lanes?
  • Have you reviewed the purchase history to verify an 8% treatment rate?

If we take a consultative approach, we are simply educating them on the benefits of what we are offering matter-of-factly to effectively and seamlessly run their business. Explain the benefits so they don’t get themselves in a bind. This could include the benefits of carrying extra cyclones, helping them with an ordering system, or proper use and maintenance of the Cyclone.

Build a relationship, so the client feels comfortable contacting you in a time of need. Who that relationship is with can vary from location to location. In some cases, it may be the branch manager; in others, it could be the Fleet Supervisor or a detailer/VSA. Find out the best days of the week to visit and let them know how you can help them without being a nuisance. Determine the proper frequency of visits based on volume or experiences from previous visits. 

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