NU Tips From
the Field

By Moe Miller

NuVinAir Program Support Specialist

Recently, Eddie Rivera and I made a trip to the Hertz location at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, as there appeared to be a concern with the usage and effectiveness of ReNuSurface Concentrate. After talking to the associates and observing the operation, we found they needed to use the proportioner correctly. Here is a summary of the key points and recommendations:

  1. Concerns raised by associates:
    1. ReNuSurface was not working on bugs as expected.
    2. The product did not smell as strong as it used to.
  2. Observation:
    1. The location had not ordered ReNuSurface in 4 months.
    2. ReNuSurface was the only product being used at this location.
  3. Investigation and findings:
    1. Eddie and Moe checked the proportioner to ensure it was functioning properly and not clogged.
    2. Feedback from multiple associates suggested that ReNuSurface was working fine.
    3. It was discovered that the leads at the location had rigged the proportioner buttons and were using the water valve to control the flow of ReNu.
    4. The leads were using this method to quickly fill up 5-gallon containers, which were then used to refill station bottles.
    5. Sometimes, the leads failed to turn off the valve, causing the hose to continuously proportion ReNu at the 4:1 ratio and dilute the concentrate in the barrel.
  4. Impact and resolution:
    1. The watered-down concentrate in the barrel rendered it ineffective.
    2. A new 55-gallon barrel of ReNu Concentrate, which had not been opened, was installed to the proportioner.
    3. This resolved the concerns and issues.


  1. Implement impactful visit cadences:
    1. Conduct regular visits to the location and actively seek feedback from associates who use the product.
    2. This will help identify issues early and ensure continuous improvement.
  2. Monitor and follow up on order cadences:
    1. Keep track of product orders and investigate any significant changes or gaps in ordering patterns.
    2. Promptly address any issues to ensure a steady supply of products.

By implementing these recommendations and visiting airport locations on a regular basis, you can proactively address concerns, maintain product efficacy, and ensure a smooth operation for any Rental Car partner using ReNuSurface Concentrate.

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