NU Tips From
the Field

By Jerry Witcher

NuVinAir Franchise Support Specialist


In January and February, Mike Ruwitch and I made two visits to the St. Louis Reconditioning Center for Enterprise (EHI). Our goal was to meet and greet, build relationships, and observe processes. We also wanted to identify what products they currently use to clean their vehicles, their process, pain points, and where ReNuSurface could fit into their production system. 

Mike and I spent the first day walking around the shop, introducing ourselves, explaining why we were there, and asking them what we could do to help them be more productive. During those conversations, we learned that most associates were tenured, some over ten years at the location. So, they were very knowledgeable about cosmetically reconditioning vehicles. The location uses ReStore treatments; however, only one detailer, Kenny, is trained and conducts NuVinAir treatments.

We met with Joe Cooper, the production manager, and learned that they have 200 cars in their pipeline (being worked) and would like 300, but they are struggling to get cars. Current days in reconditioning 20+ on a goal of 18 days, so the location is not meeting its daily output goal. Joe did not know what was causing them to miss their daily goals when we initially spoke with him.

We did not talk about ReNuSurface until late in the day when Kenny was about to clean a headliner with his Tornador sprayer. I sat down in the rear passenger seat of the car and asked Kenny what he was about to clean. He showed me a bunch of stains in the headliner that he would clean with his sprayer but cautioned me that his Tornador could damage the headliner if used improperly.

At that point, I asked him if I could clean the passenger side of the headliner while he cleaned the driver’s side. He agreed, so I went out to the car, grabbed a bottle of RNS, and cleaned the headliner by spraying the stains, letting it sit for about a minute, and then wipe the stain with a towel. The stain came right off, and Kenny started asking questions and commenting that the spray was amazing (he used several colorful expletives). Immediately Kenny wanted to know what the spray was and if he could have some. I gave him the bottle and told him to use it to spot-clean the other stains on the headliner and that we would talk more about ReNu the next day. 

The following day, Mike and I arrived to work shoulder-to-shoulder with each of the detailers (cleaning vehicles) and introduce them to RNS as we cleaned. Much to our surprise, Kenny had already started telling everyone about RNS and how it worked on the headliner stains the day before. Everyone was excited to see the RNS results and we left several bottles for their use.

Our goal for the second two-day visit in February was to get feedback from the team on ReNuSurface, review treatments, install a proportioner, and show the group a spin brush. We also wanted to talk with the production manager about his current cleaners/chemicals and which ones RNS would replace. 

Mike and I met with each detailer and asked for any feedback on RNS. Most detailers said they like the product and use it consistently to clean their vehicles. As I moved around the shop, I pulled out my drill and spin brush attachment and demonstrated how to clean floor mats, carpets, and hard surfaces quickly with RNS and the spin brush. They were so excited that they reached out and asked if they could get some drills and brushes. The production manager said he would invest in some drills and spin brushes.

The next morning, our goal was to meet with each detailer, find exactly what chemicals/cleaners they use, and capture that information on a spreadsheet. Mike and I met with most of the detailers, capturing what chemicals/cleaners they use and for what. I conducted a treatment with Kenny using the new Cyclone, showing him how simple it was and how to dissipate the chlorine smell using heat following the treatment. The production manager asked Mike to train several other detailers to conduct treatments.

I installed the proportioner with Mike watching, showing him how simple it was to mount on the wall and the different parts of the proportioner. Unfortunately, the drum was delayed due to the bad weather in Texas, so it would not be installed until the following week.

Mike made a follow-up visit in March and trained several people on using the Cyclone. He also met the new location General Manager and discovered that the majority of the detailers are raving fans of NuVinAir. Mike and I will schedule a visit in April with the new GM to continue integrating our products.

Our rental car partners have reconditioning sites around the country. Find out what may be in your territory and schedule a visit. I’m happy to offer my assistance and services to help you. With 200-plus cars a day being processed, it can be a very profitable account!

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