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Unparalleled Support Separates NuVinAir From the Competition

Customer Support is the lifeblood of so many businesses. At NuVinAir, we’ve been told several times by our clients that we are ‘the Cadillac’ of the healthy vehicle interiors business. We have an elite product that is superior to all others, and the support we offer our customers is a critical piece of the puzzle. 

It’s easy to understand why support is so important, but how do we take it up a level to provide unparalleled support? It starts with you, the Franchisee. First, let them know you’re there for them. NuVinAir COO Troy Blackwell often says, “We are not just a product vendor that throws our product over a wall, and you never see us again. We like to think of ourselves as partners who help you improve processes and drive efficiencies that will be measured in your CSI scores and P&Ls.” 

There are tried and true ways to offer unparalleled support and make an impression on managers. The first and foremost method is to make yourself available. It’s one thing to give them a card and say, “Give me a call if you need anything.” But let’s face it, everyone does that. Let them know if they hire someone new, your job is to train them on the NuVinAIr process. If they have an issue with a Cyclone, ask them to call you, so they are never down. Ask what days are best to stop in. Managers should feel comfortable and confident in contacting you for anything.

A first impression is a lasting one. Always have on NuVinAir attire so that they can recognize you as the brand ambassador. Look, act, and speak professionally. Ask questions to understand their business, know what is important to them, and how you can help. Speak in their terminology. For example, Enterprise calls their customer service scores ESQI (Enterprise Service Quality Index), and Hertz and Avis call it NPS (Net Promoter Score). This means a lot to them and shows them you care about what is important to them. Most importantly, follow-up. Never say you are going to do something and not deliver.

On your visit, take note of the operation. When their staff is conducting a check-in, you should always observe these three steps:

  • inspection of equipment
  • watch processes to ensure accuracy
  • check cars in ready lanes to ensure top quality

At the end of the visit, always check out with the manager to consult about takeaways and suggestions for improvement.

Sales and marketing experts say that it takes up to eight touchpoints to affect your success, so follow up…and follow up on your follow-ups. Continue to provide unparalleled support and service, and you will win in the end. We are the Cadillac!

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