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“NuVinAir Nine” with Mike Jensen


What is the best advice you have ever received, and from whom?

“Life here on earth is short. Keep an Eternal Perspective.” – from my pastor at the time, Casey Treat, with Christian Faith Center


What was your life journey before NuVinAir?

I started my business career as an intern at Northwestern Mutual Life as a College insurance agent. I spent five years as an agent, then got into the mortgage business for several years. I did a few other sales jobs until I found VMI, Vantage Mobility International. This is where I met Doug Eaton, my business partner today. Doug offered me a position in the mobility business, and I took the leap of faith to join him and the VMI team, which turned into a 20-year amazing run that was extremely rewarding and fulfilling. I was given the opportunity to be an owner of a Mobility Company, Kersey Mobility, in my home state of Washington. I partnered up with the existing owner to open a new facility, and we had tremendous success after buying out a competitor. Not too long after that, we were made an offer on our business to sell to the World Mobility Leader Braun Ability. This was a surprise as my plan was to be a mobility owner and grow our locations for the next 20 years. After the sale, I stayed on for the transition, and once that was complete, the NuVinAir opportunity was presented. With Doug Eaton already having two states and my other trusted friend and past Mobility owner Bob Lundin being the Franchisee of multiple states, I took another leap of faith to partner with Doug and formed NuVinAir West.


What do you enjoy most about owning a NuVinAir franchise?

I love being able to work with highly talented people every day. The NuVinAir team across the board is highly skilled and like-minded. It is exciting to be part of something much bigger than myself and have a team working together to accomplish something truly remarkable.

Being able to partner with Doug Eaton is fantastic. His business expertise from my past working relationship is second to none. I was hoping one day we could work together again. To make that desire a reality, to be partners with Doug is a dream come true. When you look forward to “going to work,” that is a gift, and I will always value this.

Life Balance. With an amazing wife and four kids, the ability to have balance in my life is a blessing. Sure, I will put in the hours but to have the flexibility to help with kids’ events and be there for them is what it is all about. The NuVinAir franchise allows me to do what I love with those I love. That was a quote from somebody else; Dave at NuVinAir reminded me of it a couple of months ago. How true it is. That really sums up what I enjoy most about owning a NuVinAir franchise.


What has been your biggest challenge in owning a franchise, and how did you overcome it?

I am only a few months in. But so far, the biggest challenge is finding a way to effectively open the door to more businesses to what we can do for them. NuVinAir has the ability to make so many businesses more profitable with higher customer satisfaction. Getting this message to key decision-makers to get the opportunity to have these discussions is the biggest challenge so far. The products we offer are the very best and unique. Separating us from everyone else has been done. Now opening the doors to help more people is the challenge.


What is your best skill as a franchise owner?

My best skill is being able to relate, and I am not afraid to have somebody say no. I know how busy everyone is, and having owned a company of 26 employees, I know how valuable everyone’s time is. Every company has resources that need to be used efficiently. How can I help the bottom line and keep current and future customers happy? It starts with understanding people and having empathy. If you can relate, you can add value and ultimately be a partner for them. We all need partners to help us, and strong relationships are what I believe I can add as a franchise owner.


What does success mean to you?

Going to bed at night knowing my wife and kids are happy, healthy, and taken care of. That is what motivates me. Having the time and finances to take care of our needs and give outside of our family is very important.


If you could invite any four people to dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite and why?

It would be a dinner party so it would be 6 of us.

My Dad. He died when I was young, and I never really had any relationship with him. I would love to get to know him.

Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, and Donald Trump. These people have a mentality that I would love to understand more of. They have all reached the pinnacle of their professions and overcome many challenges. Lots of questions. He just might have some answers.

My wife. Kelly is my best friend. She would ask me for all the dinner details, and it would be easier if she were there to hear firsthand.


What is one unique thing about you someone wouldn’t learn until they got to know you?

I have a very strong faith. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. He is my Source. Nothing is more important to me in my life than my knowing this. It is how I make decisions, lead my family and navigate daily life. How do we find joy, purpose, and fulfillment in this world? For me, it starts and ends with my faith in Jesus.


What’s the number one item on your life “bucket list”?

Go to the Masters and play golf at Augusta National.

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