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Relationships Matter – Bob Lundin

Be a good listener. Create trust. Maintain the connection. Sales are about establishing a relationship with your customer. 

As we began 2021, we visited many Automotive and RV Dealerships with minimal success. We spent the first six months doing drops off’s, cold visits, calls, and emails. It became apparent that many decision-makers already had a relationship with a sales representative that went beyond filling an order. 

We realized we needed to build better relationships or find people who had already established those relationships. In late Q3, we pivoted our business model to include a commission and pricing structure for independent sales representatives focusing on those selling chemicals. This has been instrumental in establishing private accounts.

The representatives we have chosen to partner with have 5+ years of experience selling chemical products to dealerships, detailers, and other miscellaneous accounts. They already had the relationships we needed. Our goal is to build strong relationships with these individuals as the typical rep has 400 accounts that they visit every 6-8 weeks. We had to find ways to be a valuable partner so that we are a vital piece of their product offering.

The independent representatives are set up on the following structure:

  • MAPP Guidelines
  • 30%+ GP opportunity
  • 5+ New Accounts Monthly (expected)
  • 100+ Active Accounts (expected)
    • Active Account is defined as having ordered in the last four months
  • We do ride-alongs regularly

Sales are about relationships at the end of the day. As a result of partnering with independent representatives, we have added 300+ new private accounts over the last 180 days. Accounts have reported improved customer satisfaction by using NuVinAir and getting vehicles sold quicker as treatments eliminated any odor issues. Relationships matter as we are forecasting a very strong 2022!

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