NuVinAir understands that life happens. We all live in our cars. We eat. We spill. Seasons change. And eventually, your new car stops feeling new. Enter, the NuVinAir® Healthy Vehicle and HVAC Cleanliness Program.

Using safe and patented technology, this program is scientifically designed to reduce HVAC pollutants, clean your interior’s cabin air, and keep your new car NU.

Clean Air Science
Clean Air Science

Moisture buildup in your vehicle’s HVAC system can lead to unhealthy air blowing into your face. NuVinAir safely works through your vents to eradicate musty odors and protect your new car feeling.

Hypoallergenic & Fragrance-Free

Our eco-friendly treatments safely employ a hygroscopic (water-loving) vapor throughout the vehicle’s HVAC system which reduces pollutants and airborne contaminants, leaving behind nothing but clean, fresh air.

Patented Technology

Why is our patent important to you? Because each time you receive a NuVinAir treatment, you’ll know that you’re getting the safest, most effective, technologically advanced clean air treatment available.

Long-term Protection

Twelve treatments over 36 months provide you with unparalleled air protection and long-term peace of mind. Return quarterly, or at the beginning of each new season to keep your new car NU.


The NuVinAir Healthy Vehicle and HVAC Cleanliness Program is available at participating (local) dealerships and can be added on to your Finance and Insurance package at the time of your new vehicle purchase.

Rules for the program can be found in the Terms, Conditions, and Limitations or complete the form below to be contacted by NuVinAir Global.
You may use your 12 Healthy Vehicle service treatments at any time during the 36-month Program Membership period. We recommend 1 HVAC Treatment per quarter (4 times per year) or at the beginning of each new season to keep your new/pre-owned car NU.
Please contact your local dealership where you purchased the program and they will issue a replacement.
Yes. If you purchase a New/Pre-owned vehicle during the 36-month Program Membership period you can transfer your Membership to your new vehicle but only if your newly purchased vehicle replaces the vehicle for which this Membership was originally purchased.
If you have additional questions, please contact your local dealership where you purchased your Program Membership, or fill out the contact form below and a NuVinAir Global representative will get back to you as soon as possible.
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