NuVinAir® offers an eco-friendly product line that removes odor from vehicles in 15 minutes through a safe, effective treatment. We own the patented process for the most effective airborne cleaning of surfaces, making our product line an immediate value-add for dealerships, detail shops, car washes, car rental companies, and other VIN businesses.

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NuVinAir<sup>®</sup> <span>CYCLONE</span>


The versatile NuVinAir® Cyclone delivers a clean that has never been seen in the automotive industry. It disperses ReStore and ReFresh treatments through a safe, effective, and fully patented cleaning process that removes the previous owner and restores vehicles to factory fresh.

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ReNuSurface® is a dealership's partner in fighting grime. With a proprietary, water-based solution that digs deep to remove the source of odor, ReNu is the most versatile cleaning product in the industry.

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ReVibeAir® is our invigorating blend of high-grade essential oil spritzers used to enhance the vibe of any space. With three unique scents, one spray is all you need for a total vibe transformation.

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Science and Patents

NuVinAir® patented systems for the airborne cleaning of surfaces fuel its revolutionary, eco-friendly product line. NuVinAir® has over 100 years of scientific research backing its effectiveness. We own the exclusive, fully patented agitation rights for an eco-friendly compound, making us THE industry standard.

The future of clean driving is here.

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Quoted Story

It was incredible. I was really shocked after it was done. It literally felt like I had went and bought a brand new vehicle....

Travis H.
Satisfied Customer