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Rafael Gata with Michael Ruwitch


Time and time again, we are reminded that the key to sales is through support, education, and relationships. But what does good look like, and what should the end goal be? Recently, Michael Ruwitch and Region 56 of Enterprise teamed up to show what a great example of a partnership looks like.

Ruwitch joined the Nu Family in April of 2021. Since that day, he has made it a priority to engage with Enterprise’s upper management aggressively. Michael and his team have persistently supported every Enterprise location in his market by physically visiting each location to provide training, support, and education. His persistence and dedication have allowed him to build a strong rapport with folks in upper management. 

These relationships have allowed Michael and his team to sponsor and attend two Enterprise region meetings. As a sponsor, we were allowed to come in and present as well as give away gifts and swag for employees. In the last 45 days, they were able to attend the home city all auto detailer training and the Monthly Branch Manager meetings. Collectively between both meetings, they were able to present and train 60 detailers, 25 branch managers, 25 assistant branch managers, and 5 area managers. Throughout the presentation, Michael highlighted the direct correlation that identifying and treating odor cars with NVA leads to a higher ESQI score. Michael also touched on other products at their disposal, and although they might be cheaper, they are indeed inferior and ineffective most times.

“Being able to attend these regional meetings to build these types of partnerships was invaluable as our level of service and support separates us from any other product in the space,” said Ruwitch. “You can’t be afraid to ask for the opportunity. To have the ability to present NuVinAir to the area and branch managers in one spot allowed me to get buy-in from the top people in the region on how to improve their ESQI through our products, saving them time and making them money.”

The level of service and support separated NuVinAir from any other products on the market. These regional meetings have solidified the partnership in Tennessee with the upper management team of Enterprise. As a result of these meetings, we have seen an increase in treatment usage and sales, along with an uptick in the purchase of timers from a process standpoint. Build that relationship so you may attend or sponsor region or district meetings. Region 56 of Enterprise believes in NVA, our products, and the support we offer!

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