Following The Nu Path To Success: Chicago Distributor Barry Krall

October 2, 2018NuVinAir® Blog

When Chicago Distributor Barry Krall and his team show up to a car dealership, they do so in style. The doors of their silver Ford Transit vans slide open revealing “happy meal” packages of NuVinAir® odor-elimination products for dealers to see, touch, and experience.

Each team member uses new iPhones and iPads, and they offer point-of-sale payment options for customers to make credit card transactions convenient and quick.

“Business is all about a professional image,” Barry said. “We are decked out in NuVinAir® polos and khaki pants. We take our business seriously.”

In his first month of fully staffed operation, Barry and his team closed seven new dealerships and car washes. They have nearly 40 more that are “very interested” in the product. “We’re seeing that a lot of dealerships have internal bureaucracy to go through before they can onboard a new product or service platform. Patience is key here.”

Barry Krall's Ford Transit vans are one-stop shops for his customers.

Slow & Steady

Barry and his team are methodical in their approach. They spend multiple days canvassing a specific street within their Chicagoland territories. This allows for greater attention to detail and more enhanced relationship-building with dealership General Managers, Service Directors, and Pre-Owned Managers.

“We aren’t focusing on pitching NSP (NuVinAir® Support Plus) from the start. We’re focusing on the service side,” Barry said. “This is the revenue-generating part of the business.”

Team Leadership

Barry is involved in every facet of the NuVinAir® Midwest operation. He hosts two-hour meetings with his Territory Sales Managers Michael Johnson and Sam Katz every Monday and Friday. As a group, they discuss what’s working, what’s not, and stories from the field.

“One of my favorite things about working with Barry is that if there is a tool that I need to be more successful he does his best to provide that tool,” Johnson said. “Also, that he works with me like a partner and I feel like I am learning how to launch a business from the ground up.”

“Especially at first, this is not a semi-absentee business,” Barry said. “I want to be involved while also letting these guys do their thing. I tell my guys from day one, ‘I’m not a babysitter.’”

Getting the Word Out

Some of the barriers Barry and his team are facing include the uphill journey to more brand awareness. “The product is excellent,” he said. “What we’re finding – and this is true with all new companies – is that customers don’t know about the brand. That’s the part we have to build.”

Gathering and sharing success stories from the field will help in building awareness around the product line's ability to eliminate odor for car dealerships, car washes, detail shops, rental car companies, RV centers, truck fleets, and more.

“I treated a heavy smoke car that had been detailed by a professional car wash,” Johnson said. “I could still see the nicotine caked on the “A” pillar and sun glass holder above. I sprayed ReNuSurface® on the affected areas and watched the nicotine drip off. I stopped my demonstration and showed the process to the manager.”

“The products are superior,” Barry added.

Co-branding between NuVinAir Midwest and Paradise Car Wash.

The Car Wash Bucket

Among the various sectors of the automotive space that Distributors are urged to attack, the car wash “bucket” is one of the most intriguing. Barry and his team are blazing a new path in Chicagoland, using Paradise Car Wash as their first test.

“We purchased co-branded signs and personalized their collateral,” Barry said. “And, we didn’t charge them for it.”

Barry knows car washes. The Chicago Distributor has more than 20 years of experience owning and operating multiple Jiffy Lubes and organic car washes across the Midwest. His strategy for placing the Nu product line into car washes is simple.

“The car wash market is the exact same as the dealership market,” Barry said. “You’re selling a better customer experience for the customer – and one that adds tremendous profitability to their business.”