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Finding Big Foot

Deep in the dark forests, murky lakes, and moon-lit hills lurk our mysterious monsters.

Small Habits Bring Fresh Changes

By committing to the following five tips, you can keep your car from smelling less-than-fresh.

Why Distributors are Choosing NuVinAir®

David Coyne is NuVinAir®’s newest franchisee for the state of Alabama. Coyne had numerous franchise opportunities available to him, but there was something special about NuVinAir®.

A Fresh Way to Stay Competitive

As a dealership, you are always looking for new ways to stay competitive. Some dealerships are partnering with Uber and replacing their service shuttles with Uber Central. Uber Central lets you deliver reliable rides to anyone, even if the rider does not have the Uber app.

Increase Your Revenue 15 Minutes at a Time

Here are four quick ways to increase your revenue.

I Was the Dieselgate Guy; Here's What I Learned

Read how Dieselgate played an important role in Alan Brown’s leadership success.

Freshen Up Your Life 15 Minutes at a Time

Don’t think you can do much in 15 minutes? You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Saturday Night Fever

It is time to throw away the ineffective ways our grandparents used to get their vehicles smelling fresh.

Headin’ Down the Highway - with NuVinAir® ReFresh

Get your groove on with a quick, seven-minute treatment that will reduce HVAC pollutants and clean your vehicle’s air. The future of clean driving is here – and so is the weekend!

Making the Most of Digital Signage with NuVinAir®

Most dealerships have stashed their inflatable breezy geezers and turned to installing digital signs on their property. Those signs go a long way toward easing the trepidation of buying a new vehicle for many consumers by offering attractive visuals and automobile facts. But many make the fatal mistake of using their flashy new signs to market their stock and their dealership 24 hours, 7 days a week.