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Father and Son Share Their Secrets to Success

“Both my son and I have always shared an interest in building street rods and collecting classic cars, so NuVinAir just caught our interest,” Tim said.

Virtual Reality Allows for a Customer-Centric Buying Experience

Over 75 percent of the biggest companies use virtual reality in their marketing strategy – and it’s a tool within your reach as an automotive dealer as well.

Opening the Door to Opportunity with NuVinAir

The path to becoming a successful entrepreneur is filled with unexpected twists, roadblocks, detours and sleepless nights.

Want to Rev Up Customer Traffic?

Take a cue from Christine Davidson, co-owner of NuVinAIr NorthEast Ohio.

Why David Coyne Chose NuVinAir

An in-depth interview with franchisee David Coyne, owner of NuVinAir’s Alabama, Florida and Tennessee territories.

National Seat Check Safety Day

Spread the word about this important day to friends and family who have small children.

A Window into The Future

Here are three futuristic-sounding car technologies that are already being implemented in cars of today.

5 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic

Increasing foot traffic to your dealership is probably one of the most important aspects of selling vehicles. But, how do you get your dealership to be a repeat destination instead of a place to be avoided? The following are five ideas that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Living a Well-Balanced Life

Pamela Tucker and her husband Andy came on board with NuVinAir in the summer of 2018 and own the Central Florida territory for NuVinAir. Read her story and learn her words of advice for living a well-balanced life.

The Ripple Effect

These female entrepreneurs are living examples of women following multiple passions in life.

Our Mission

To be the global authority in creating healthy vehicle interiors by arming the automotive industry with cleaning innovation, patented technology, and world-class support.