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Riding into the Future with Emerging Auto Technology

With technology barreling ahead at breakneck speeds, consumers will be happily surprised at the conveniences coming their way – with some already available.

NuVinAir Meets Both Dealerships and Customers’ Needs

David Coyne, owner of NuVinAir’s Alabama, Florida and Tennessee territories explains why car dealerships and customers alike benefit from NuVinAir.

Have You Heard? Automotive Facts for the Day

Here are some recent news items related to the automotive world that you may have missed.

Father and Son Share Their Secrets to Success

“Both my son and I have always shared an interest in building street rods and collecting classic cars, so NuVinAir just caught our interest,” Tim said.

How to Spot Flood Damage to a Vehicle

With hurricane season upon us, thousands of flood-damaged vehicles are literally flooding the used-car market across the country.

Scenic Fall Road Trips in the Great States of Texas and Wisconsin

No matter what path of life you are on, you can always use a little fresh air and a fresh perspective from time to time. Taking a road trip can be rejuvenating to your spirit and good for your soul.

Summer Should Get a Speeding Ticket

Why do the summer months go by so fast but the winter months creep? The answer has to do with the number of opportunities we have in summer to get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

A Window into The Future

Here are three futuristic-sounding car technologies that are already being implemented in cars of today.

April Fool’s Day - 365 Days a Year

There used to be a time when reputable news organizations published fake news – but only on April Fool’s Day.

Six Etiquette Tips for RideSharing

Before you hop into a car with a stranger, you need to know the do's and don’ts of traveling with others.