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The Ultimate Solution for Vehicle Restoration

At NuVinAir®, we have created the perfect solution for the vehicle restoration professional.

6 Tips to Keep Your Car Tidy

Statistics reveal that we spend about 38,000 hours in our vehicles during our life.

Automotive Facts for the New Year

Here are some recent news items related to the automotive world that you may have missed.

New Driving Laws in 2020

With the new year in full swing, it’s important everyone knows the new driving laws spanning the country.

Healthy Lifestyles Will Be Top Priority in New Year’s Resolutions

While the staying power of New Year’s resolutions is always fraught with relapse, it does seem that Americans are becoming aware of the need to live a healthier lifestyle.

Automotive Facts for December

Here are some recent news items related to the automotive world.

Why Jon McMahon Chose NuVinAir

Jon McMahon recognized the possibilities are endless with NuVinAir.

Take Our Word for It

Here are several testimonials from NuVinAir franchisee owners.

Top Ten Ways to Make Santa’s Naughty List

Santa is stepping up his surveillance on car owners who are driving straight toward the naughty list this year.

Learn About Us: Our Mission and Our Vision

NuVinAir® was born out of a desire to disrupt an automotive industry that would rather mask a problem than solve it. Not us, we're different.

Our Mission

To be the global authority in creating healthy vehicle interiors by arming the automotive industry with cleaning innovation, patented technology, and world-class support.