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How to Restore Your Vehicle Back to Pinnacle Cleanliness

Hygiene and sanitation are now top-of-mind, especially as we get into our vehicles and drive each day.

Four Ways to Build Customer Trust After COVID-19

Trust is the key part of any relationship, so as the new friendship takes shape, you look for the moments when you can build upon that trust.

The ‘New Normal’ of Digital Retail Selling

People are beginning to regain an interest in buying cars, but now they want to do so from the safety of their computers.

COVID-19 Has Created a Permanent Shift in Consumer Habits

As we move forward with a new normal way of life, we will always be more health conscience. We will also wonder what contaminants might still be living on any product or vehicle or clothing.

NuVinCARES in Utah: Lending a Helping Hand to First Responders

Thanks to Ken Garff Automotive Group and NuVinAir Utah, the West Valley City Police department in Salt Lake City now have 26 fresh and clean patrol cars.

Jason Freeland – NuVinAir’s Newest Franchise Owner

Meet Jason Freeland, a longtime franchising professional and NuVinAir’s newest Franchisee for Minnesota.

NuVinAir North Carolina Gives Law Enforcement Officials Peace of Mind During COVID-19 Crisis

“During this crisis, it feels terrible not doing something to help the community, so I began to think about ways I could make a difference,” said Dove, who immediately thought of law enforcement officials.

Five Questions with NuVinAir Global Leader Matthew Golimowski

Check out our 5 Questions with A NuVinAir Global Leader below, featuring Matthew Golimowski, Director of National Programs.

NuVinAir Global Franchisee Jon McMahon offers peace of mind to first responders

Last week, hundreds of healthcare workers at Adventist Healthcare White Oak Medical Center in Maryland received an unexpected helping hand. Jon McMahon, NuVinAir’s Franchisee for parts of the Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland markets joined forces with DARCARS Automotive Group to perform deep cleaning and reconditioning of the medical staff’s vehicles as they ended their shift – all at no cost to the healthcare workers.

Clean the Six Problem Spots in your Car to Ensure Pinnacle Cleanliness

One thing we can do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe as we make those necessary trips to the grocery store or to the pharmacy is to keep our vehicles in pinnacle condition.

Our Mission

To be the global authority in creating healthy vehicle interiors by arming the automotive industry with cleaning innovation, patented technology, and world-class support.