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Making the Most of Digital Signage with NuVinAir®

Most dealerships have stashed their inflatable breezy geezers and turned to installing digital signs on their property. Those signs go a long way toward easing the trepidation of buying a new vehicle for many consumers by offering attractive visuals and automobile facts. But many make the fatal mistake of using their flashy new signs to market their stock and their dealership 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Make That First Impression Last!

Cleanliness is the first thing people notice when opening the door of an unfamiliar car. And for some drivers, that's bad news. A messy or unkempt vehicle can end up costing hundred of dollars in detailing costs and even cause a vehicle to lose value.

Drumroll please...Introducing the "Nu"!

NuVinAir® is proud to present the "Nu" and approved website featuring enhanced videos, new testimonials, and a more fluid user experience. Enjoy!

"More than a vendor. We're a partner." In the midst of winter, NuVinAir® Wisconsin is heating up

For Zach Haman, positivity is the key to success. Just days before a polar vortex would drop temperatures in his Wisconsin hometown to 30-below, Zach took the glass-half-full mentality to running his NuVinAir® Certified Distributorship.

“The Support is Phenomenal:" NuVinAir® Certified Distributors Establishing Themselves as True Odor Removal Partners with Dealership Customers

When it comes to challenges facing used-car dealerships, the biggest hurdle to overcome is odor removal. No one wants to purchase a car that has its previous owner lingering in the fabric, vents, and carpet. This causes lost sales for dealerships. For years, odor-eliminating products available to dealers fell short, butNuVinAir®has eliminated the challenge by finally removing the funk.

Reconditioning 101 – NuVinAir® Style: A Lesson for dealers in turning gross odors into gross profits

As a dealer, you know the value of every open space on your lot - and the hefty cost of reconditioning required to keep your inventory in tip-top shape. It’s no secret, an issue plaguing the used-car market is what to do with vehicles that go unsold.

Hey dealers, enhance your OEM revenue by removing the previous owner – and his odor – in 15 minutes

New and used dealerships take up to 36 percent of independent repair shops' business because of their access to OEM parts, according to a recent Automotive Newsreport. With NuVinAir®’s patented process and innovative technology for removing the previous owner – and his odor – from cars, we can greatly enhance your OEM abilities by returning air quality of repaired vehicles to factory fresh.

Marijuana is here to stay in the used car market... but its odor doesn't have to be

Nine states have legalized marijuana for recreational use to-date, over 25 states have approved initiatives for its permissive medical usage, and Canada recently legalized the use of marijuana. With increased legalization and usage on the rise, used car managers across the nation are increasingly faced with the daunting challenge of removing marijuana odors prior to presenting them for retail sale.

NuVinAir® Market Launch: Delivering “invaluable” corporate support

The NuVinAir® Corporate Market Launch team has traveled extensively across the country over the past two months delivering white-glove support for its growing network of Certified Distributors.

The NuVinAir® Promise: Unprecedented dealer support

At NuVinAir®, we take dealer support seriously. Your day is already filled with many headache-inducing tasks. OurNuVinAir® Support Plus+platform is your relief.